The Right to Hike High

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CannaVenture® provides outdoor cannabis adventures. Hosting hikes, campouts, and social events that showcase the best of the outdoors and the cannabis community. Offering and inclusive and diverse events, CannaVenture is doing its part to disprove the stereotypes of the cannabis consumer.

The CannaVenture team is building a community of cannabis enthusiasts that are sharing their love of the great outdoors and their spirits of adventure.


Q What is the CannaVenture

The CannaVenture® is an experience-driven group for like-minded Colorado enthusiasts. We curate all that Colorado has to offer into individual events across the state. Each event presents unique opportunities to explore the natural beauty of Colorado, interact with Colorado influencers, all while socializing and networking with members of a variety of industries and demographics.

Q What does the CannaVenture do/provide?

The CannaVenture hosts events across Colorado. We plan the event from top to bottom, including location, activities, leaders and influencers that will be in attendance, specific sights worth seeing, as well as the coordination of all logistics and marketing of the event and our partners’ involvement.

Q Does the CannaVenture provide or sell cannabis? Can attendees purchase cannabis at events?

By law, the only entities that can vend cannabis products are those with proper licensing as determined by the State of Colorado. Neither CannaVenture® nor its affiliates sell, vend, or provide cannabis to attendees. Any and all transactions made with the CannaVenture are for event access and upgrades and do not include any cannabis, cannabis-derivatives, or any products containing the aforementioned.

Q Does the CannaVenture allow cannabis consumption at events?

CannaVentures take place on both private and public lands. As such, accommodations will be made for consumption areas whenever possible, but we default to the following rule unless otherwise specified: cannabis consumption will be allowed on private lands (including consumption vehicles, “dab buses,” etc.) and prohibited on public lands. This is in accordance with Colorado state law. Consume at your own risk on public lands.