Our Story

Two Wanderers walked into the desert...

InnDica was conceived during an epic trip to the California high desert when our founders, a husband and wife team, were inspired to share their passion for foolish talking, meaningful gatherings and herbal enlightenment. InnDica is here to lead you to a place with other canna-curious explorers sharing a similar journey. We welcome you to meet your fellow travelers and indulge in the opportunity to build friendships and create a community that embraces you for your differences, your uniqueness, your quirks, your everything.

InnDica is a place where everyone from the beatnik to the biker can kick up the same dust and share in the same joys. A place for foolish talking, sharing stories, ideas and dreams with wide open possibilities and wide open minds. We hope you enjoy, grow and truly feel and experience every step on your journey. Welcome to InnDica, a Place for Foolish Talking.