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Partners – InnDica®

Our Trusted Community Partners

Kin Slips was founded in 2016 in Oakland California by a passionate group of entrepreneurs led by Co-Founder and inventor of the cannabis sublingual strip, Josh Kirby.

Looking to science to create an all-natural, smokeless cannabis product that would have positive effects on both lifestyle and health, Kin Slips’ revolutionary product was born. Offering discreet and portable packaging, reliable dosing, and a rapid onset that consumers can trust, each carefully crafted blend delivers a unique experience, loved by both new and longtime cannabis users.

Kin Slips remains committed to contributing compassionate cannabis to its local community and Kin across California. In 2021 alone, Kin Slips donated 65,000+ cannabis-infused sublingual strips to low income medical patients, veterans, and seniors throughout the state.

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Kin Slips and InnDica have partnered to share the best cannabis-friendly travel experiences and destinations across California.

Travel Better and Get Elevated with #kinndica – We’re all Kin.

Adults want the opportunity to travel and experience cannabis in a safe, relaxed, and enjoyable setting. Whether it’s a quick weekend getaway or an extended vacation, people need to feel welcomed on their cannabis journey.

Don’t Strain Yourself creates promotional videos that capture the essence of your cannabis-friendly resort, destination, or event. We let the location, atmosphere, and amenities set the tone for your guests’ cannabis experience. We’re budget-friendly and offer 15% off production fees for every video booked through Inndica.com. Let us help tell your story.

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