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Cannabis Travel Essentials 2022 – InnDica®

Cannabis Travel Essentials 2022

We are paring down what we take along, to leave more room for discovery and less weight to drag along while exploring.

collage of travel bag, sunglasses, greeting cards, journal, cannabis strips, water bottle, smoking accessory, dropper bottle and spray bottle

What is Essential?

Over the past couple of years we downsized, we moved ourselves and our business to a new city, and we changed how we live and interact. We have out of necessity, thought a lot about what is essential. In focusing on the essentials, we were able to pivot, to not just survive but also thrive. We’ve dialed into what’s essential to our everyday life. We explored what is essential to emotional well-being, what’s essential for health and longevity.  We made promises to ourselves not to return to our old way of doing things, the “normal” that we left behind in 2020. 

Now the world is re-opening and gatherings, festivities and travel are back on the table. With our self-promises in mind, we plan to focus our trips on more meaningful adventures, connections to our community and activities that create lasting memories. We are paring down what we take along, to leave more room for discovery and less weight to drag along while exploring. Only the essentials, things that serve the mind, body and soul.

InnDica Explorer Top Ten Cannabis Travel Essentials

Kin Slips Sublingual Strip packages

Kin Slips – Kin Slips sublingual strips are discrete, portable, vegan and sugar free. They go where others can’t. Slip one in your wallet or purse an head out for an adventure. They have specially crafted blends to suit any activity and they pair perfectly with our mantra of Stay, Gather, Play and Explore. We don’t travel without them. Shut Eye is formulated with a balanced medley of 5mg CBN and 5mg CBD to help you sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Float On has relaxing cannabinoids and terpenes that are ideal for taking the edge off after a hard day’s work or relaxing by the pool. Cloud Buster is crafted for uplifting effects. Excellent for a morning boost or conquering that 3 pm slump. Park Life is a 10:1 CBD:THC blend that is a great addition to your wellness routine without the high. We have discovered a way to travel better, and it always includes Kin Slips.

Kin Slips are only available at licensed California Cannabis retailers and delivery services. Manufactured by ABM Manufacturing Lic #CDPH-10001148

Water bottle

Water – Stay hydrated! We love our aluminum water bottles. They keep beverages cool for hours and the tight sealing lids prevent spills and keep out the bugs. Sustainable travel is about reducing our impact on the environments we explore. Whenever possible choose options that reduce waste, are re-usable, compostable and or recyclable.

Two People smiling while wearing Sunglasses

Sunglasses – Pretty obvious item, but we cannot count the number of times we have left these behind. Pro travel tip – leave a couple pairs in your suitcase or travel bag, that way you have them for your next trip. We really appreciate all the brands that give these out as swag. Thanks to them we have pairs stashed all over the place. Stay shady!

green smell proof cannabis storage bags

Revelry Supply Smell-Proof bags – Revelry Supply has a variety of stash bags and luggage which are all smell-proof to let you travel hassle free. Among our favorites is The Stowaway, a compact, smell-proof toiletry kit. We’ve had this stylish bag for a couple of years and find it the perfect size for stashing weekend road trip necessities. We are also partial to The Confidant, a smaller bag sized just right for daily essentials. After frequent use and many trips our bags look and work as if brand new. We are always on the look-out for their new releases. Travel in style and confidently.

Cannabolish Spray Green Bottle with Brown Label

Cannabolish – It’s easy to get nose-blind when you consume cannabis in its flower form. With natural active ingredients, this spray will knock out any lingering odors without leaving you in a cloud of noxious chemical fumes. It’s great for non-smoking environments or for a quick clothing spray before you journey out.

Fenix Hemp Packaging and Pre-Rolls

Fenix Craft Hemp – Travel, especially after a long hiatus, can be stressful. Fenix has carefully selected craft hemp flower that mirrors it’s more elevating cousins’ cultivars. You can enjoy a pre-roll or, if you prefer loose flower, it’s available in 1/8th The buds are great in a dry herb vaporizer or smoked traditionally in a pipe or one-hitter like The Dart.

Baileys hemp treats and tincture packages

Bailey’s Pet Hemp and CBD – Team InnDica is a dog loving bunch, we usually hit the road with our wonder dog mascot, Soke, aka The Prince of Palm Springs. We rely on Bailey’s organic hemp treats to keep Soke chill on the ride and their paw balm is always nearby to soothe his feet after a long day of exploring. We also love that Team Bailey’s gives back to the community with donations of product and fundraising for animal rescue groups. Rescue is our favorite breed, and they all deserve a little Bailey’s.

The Dart One-Hitter and carrying case

The Dart – The Dart is a sleek one-hitter with carry along accessories to make sure you stay elevated. It’s perfect for solo jaunts or micro-dosing when you don’t want to smoke a full joint or bowl. The dart makes it easy to consume responsibly, take your hit, ash in a fire-proof container, and you are on your way.

My Trip Cards Greeting Cards

My Trip Cards – Who doesn’t love to get real mail? My Trip Cards were inspired by a love of mind travel, inner exploration and creative transformation. Send a note to a friend and encourage their adventures. Instead of the usual social media stories, pick up a few fun cards and use some old-school snail mail to spread your joy.

Travel Journal– A pocket travel journal is portable and fun to take along. Keep a travelogue of your favorite memories, settings and discoveries. With a journal, like My Trip Log, you can record your mindset and setting as reflection points. If you’re feeling ambitious, sketch out a travel map to document the highlights. You can share your adventures with us and the rest of the InnDica Explorer community on our official Travelogue when you submit your Explorer log.

Safe Travels and Have a Great Trip!