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Effect Pairing: Mendocino County – InnDica®

Effect Pairing: Mendocino County

The Compassionate Heart Cannabis Lounge in the town of Ukiah is your Effect Pairings jumpoff point. Compassionate Heart has knowledgeable budtenders and a vibey outdoor consumption lounge with artwork on the walls and a stage with live entertainment. Pick a table with an abalone shell ashtray, relax and enjoy getting elevated with a paired adventure in mind.

Effect-Pairing Nature: Orr Hot Springs. Effect Pair a balanced and relaxing cannabis cultivar with an abundance of linalool for this Meditative wellness Effect Pairing experience. Shed your clothes and soak in healing outdoor hot springs to rest and rejuvenate. Day passes are available, make reservations at least two months in advance. Orr Hot Springs is approximately 13 miles from Compassionate Heart.

Effect-Pairing Arts and Culture: City of Ten Thousand Buddhas. Effect Pair an uplifting and energy-stimulating citrus smelling cannabis cultivar with an abundance of limonene to enhance this cultural Effect Pairing adventure. Since 1976 this Mendocino-based Buddhist monastery has been dedicated to ‘the spiritual upliftment of all beings.’ Respectfully visit the Monastery, walk the campus, browse the gift shop, dine at the vegetarian restaurant, and more. The City of Ten Thousand Buddhas is approximately 5 miles from Compassionate Heart.