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Lowell Herb Cannabis Harvest Party

Lowell Herb Co. Harvest

Lowell Farms provided a bounty of some of the state’s best flower, swag, conversations and community spirit.

Lowell Herb Co.’s exclusive Harvest Party kicked off what is shaping up to be an epic holiday season.  We rolled up to the spot already giving thanks to Lowell for the Lyft discount code. It’s always great to save a little green while celebrating the same. The venue was tucked away in Hollywood, with a complimentary food truck parked out front to take care of the anticipated “munchies”. Guests were welcomed in via an entrance way kitted out with Lowell Herb Co.’s packaging and displays, giving us a preview of the delights to be had inside.

Welcomed Like Family

We were greeted at the door by a stellar crew with premium pre-rolls in hand.  Drew welcomed us with a couple of the new Lowell Quicks, mini pre-rolls that make for perfect party starters. Craft cocktails and Beboe CBD infused water were plentiful as we mixed with new friends and familiar faces. The “Herb Room” provided a showcase of Lowell products along with a concierge on hand to explain the various cannabis flower and products available (more on this later). There was also a “Swag Room” giving a sneak peek of sweet Lowell merch like tees and field jackets. Rounding out the setup was the in-demand “Rolling Room”, where guests were invited to check out the sweet new Lowell Herb Rolling Kits and dive into the beautiful premium hand selected cannabis flower.


There can be no Harvest without also giving back, and the Lowell Team did not disappoint. An incredible raffle was held to raise money for those affected by the recent tragic California wildfires. Our great cannabis community was given an opportunity to do good while also taking home some amazing goodies from the Lowell vault. InnDica pitched in some cash and we crossed our fingers. All of our wishing and good vibes worked, we came home with gorgeous tasting flights of perfect pre-rolls and hand selected premium flower. Although the thoughtful packaging is almost too pretty to open, these gifts are sure to enlighten and elevate our festivities!

Cannabis Sommelier

After receiving our tasting flights, the experience was not over. I spent quality time with Anthony in the “Herb Room” where he wowed me with his encyclopedic knowledge of Lowell Herb’s carefully selected cannabis strains. Anthony walked me through each joint in the taster and provided insight into both the flavors and effects to be expected. His tutorial paired with the premium curated selection of cannabis in both tasting flights prepared us for a one of a kind experience

We hit up the taco truck at the end of the night and finished our evening reflecting on the sweet memories of conversations and joints shared with friends. The Bounty of the Lowell Herb Co. Harvest Party will carry us through the upcoming holidays on a high note!

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