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The Cut and Dry Comedy Show (fka The S.H.I.T. Show)

The S.H.I.T. Show - A Night of Lifted Laughter

On the first Wednesday of each month you can treat yourself to a wonderful night of jokes, laughter, and weed. The S.H.I.T. Show (now known as The Cut and Dry Comedy Show), held at the El Cid on Sunset, provides a safe space for both edgy comedic commentary, and cannabis enthusiasts, thus allowing someone like myself to feel right at home.

El Cid on Sunset sign at night

El Cid

The El Cid provides an experience like no other, a place that teleports you out of LA and into this seclusive, almost nature-like retreat. When I first walked in, for a moment, thought I was in the wrong place. Gone were the lights and commotion of Sunset Boulevard, and yet I was still outdoors, surrounded by, protected even, by nature itself. A steep set of stairs led me down to the heart of the venue itself and opened up into a hip outdoor patio and smoking lounge. I was greeted by a lively crowd, my ID was flashed, and I stepped on through to one of several bars (I know there are at least 3 separate bars within the venue). 

El Cid Patio

Once my group was ready to take our seats, we were led down into a large room with several sets of tables. The space had balcony seating in addition to the main set of tables and cozy booths along the back wall, allowing even more people to enjoy the show. Throughout the show itself, we were attended to by a friendly staff of waiters ready to cater to our hunger and quench our thirst. The menu seemed right up my alley and offered a contemporary American selection of food. My fellow crew of InnDica Explorers sampled a few plates and kept the munchies at bay.

The lineup up comedians was unique and each performer brought something different to the table. There was also a fairly great sense of representation given the presence of Muslims and Women in the lineup. I appreciated that they also covered a diverse range of topics and viewpoints from the millennial, geek, and hipster mindsets, as well as the suburban dad who was still trying to be cool. I found myself laughing constantly and had a great time engaging with the comedians. Of course, some of the jokes fell flat, and that is just something that happens sometimes. However, all in all, the show provided a great time for many and there were many laughs to go around.

At the end of the day, I would certainly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for a lowkey place to unwind, kick back, light up a joint, and share a good laugh in a communal atmosphere. 

P.S. The S.H.I.T. show got its shit together and they are now Cut and Dry Comedy! Check them out on insta @cutanddrycomedy and catch up with Abdullah and Joesh on the first Wednesday of the month at The El Cid on Sunset. 

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